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The Evolution of Gaming

The Evolution of Gaming

Modern gamers do not often think about the historical beginnings of their preferred activity, i.e. gaming, and same as drivers enjoy the luxury and comfort of modern cars, players of video games are only interested in the story and gameplay that is presented right in front of them.

However, sometimes it is beneficial to take a look at the history books and to learn a thing or two about the early days of a particular phenomenon.

Video games do not have a very long history, and their tradition lasts only a couple of decades, but the changes that occurred in those years have been amazing. The wheels of evolution are spinning very fast when it comes to video games, and games as we know them today were impossible to imagine only a decade or two ago. Luckily, designers and developers are still running high on creativity and imagination, and gamers from all over the world are happy to try out any new edition that attracts their attention.


42657-history-of-video-games-1950-1980-Electronic games that can be called the ancestors of modern-day video games started to appear in the 1950s and 60s and this period was full of technological breakthroughs and accomplishments. But, the first games did not have the same role or purpose as today’s titles have, and the primary function of those old games was to help with the testing of machines or to solve some problem with the research. The computers of those days where expensive, enormous, and demanding, and only government institutions and some famous colleges could afford private computers.

However, things quickly began to change, and in 1962 came the first public video game called  “Spacewar!”. Soon after, other titles followed, but the start of the 1970s saw the birth of one of the first big gaming companies – Atari. Their popular console, called Atari 2600, has turned into a legendary device, but after this company and its products, many other businesses and projects have been started. For example, Nintendo or Sega were starting to appear at that period, and arcade gaming was the dominant form of playing at that time.

hqdefaultThe last decade of the 20th century brought personal computers into almost every home, and multiplayer gaming was becoming “a thing”. This new method of gaming was mostly beneficial for Microsoft and their successful program called Windows95. People were enchanted by the possibility of communicating with friends or relatives in distant cities by just clicking and typing in front of the screen, and the Internet revolution was a highly significant moment in the history of gaming. Without the Internet, modern gaming scene would totally collapse, and gamers are sometimes unaware of the important role does the Internet have in the modern gaming situation. However, mobile devices are seemingly taking over the gaming world, and this process is boosted by strong marketing campaign and the fact that smartphones and tablets are something we all have and use. Easy access to information and access to even more people are something that all gamers appreciate, and it remains to be seen what does the future hold for the real vampires.

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