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Roller Coaster Poker Ride

Roller Coaster Poker Ride

Ever have one of those nights where the swings are big? I had a good one tonight and it culminated with me winning my second biggest pot ever online (it was a very close second) but it was a roller coaster. I’ll give you the Sportscenter highlights.

NL .50/1.00
Opponent is solid enough haven’t seen him make any crazy plays and seems to win more often than not. I have to go by memory as it seems Mansion HH is down ATM.

I have around 110 and opponent has me covered. Opponent limps in I raise to 4.50 with Ac Kd we pick up one caller and opponent calls.

Flop Ks 7c 5c
Opponent bets $8.00, I raise to 25. Other player folds.

Turn Kc
Opponent checks, I push. Opponent thinks for a long time and finally calls.

River bricks and AK beats KJ and we’re off to a good start.
Then things get weird. 2-4 NL against a couple short stacks, a few solids and one player who is wild, bluffs a lot and calls down with tight holdings more often than he should. I lose around 90 or so when I c-bet into short stacks and they call and I whiff turn and river and have to fold to their all in bets.

Then the death blow strikes.
I get dealt AA and raise 1 limper (the wild one) to 18 we pick up 3 callers and the wild one calls.

Flop 664 w/2 diamonds.
checked to me I bet 75 only the wild one calls. He could literally have anything here. He’ll call with any over pair to the board and diamond draw or obviously a 6.

Turn is a 5c and he checks into me again. I push , he calls. 56 nighty night. Reload time.

He’s probably the only one at that table that can bust me there with that hand but he played it well and got me. Oh well reload and let him make the fatal error back. Opponent leads for $40.00 Then literally about 4 hands later.

I pick up 99 in the BB and 3 limpers to me I make it 20. button calls and the wild one calls in the SB

Flop As Ts Tc
Checked to aggro who min bets $4.00, I raise to $15.00. the field clears and he smooth calls.

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