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Poker Blocking Bet

Poker Blocking Bet

The lesson in this hand is for the newer players out there. That bet with the Q high flush for a huge overbet against a solid player is only going to get called if you are stone beat. On a paired board you have to be careful (even HU) to the fact that your flush may in fact NOT be good. In the pot on the river there was $142.00 plus my $50.00 bet. He’s risking $470.00 to win 192.00. A value raise there would pretty much commit him though he could conceivably raise another $100.00 and then save another $300.00 when i push. But, it worked out for me.

Turn 8d
No more mister pot control, now its how much can I bet to get paid off. I don’t want to scare him but I need to build a pot. Lets see if I can make a bet that gets raised, 1/2 pot sounds about right. I bet $35.00, he calls. Sweet.

River Kd
Now for me thats like the perfect card. Aside from him having KK (which isn’t likely) if he called $35.00 on the draw Ive got a situation where I can get paid, if he slow played a 4 it may put the freighteners on him but we have to bet here, lets just pray I get popped, lets put out what will “look” like a blocking bet. I bet $50.00. He raises all in for another $470.00.

Flop Kc 9c 5s
Wild one checks again I bet 35, button calls, wild one raises to 100, I push for 390 total, button thinks for like 2 seconds and calls all in and has me covered. Now its back to the wild one who thinks for like 10 seconds and CALLS! All I could think was please hold’em.

Wild one shows K9s for top two pair, and I never got to see the buttons hand though the only hands that would really make sense are 55 or the NFD. Either way The pot was just under 1200 and its back in business. Different table 2-4 NL I have around 400 and opponent has 250. I limp Ah Jh UTG and we go to the flop 4 handed.

Then I had an interesting hand against a player who seems a bit wild and aggro but I haven’t seen much of him so he’s still relatively unknown at this point.

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