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Effective Poker Strategy!

Effective Poker Strategy!

Every poker player must realize that money saved is equal to money won! 

When we sit down to play we want to win and we come out swinging with good hands, get ourselves into pots we can win, and take the money down.

If we sat down with a rack of chips and increased it to a rack and a half, we’d have seen our fortunes grow by fifty percent and displayed our primacy at the holy game, visible evidence of our skill, knowledge, cunning, and luck.

Our opponents can see it too, and breathes there a poker player alive who is not justifiably proud of a terrific bluff, the ability to lure an opponent in for an additional bet while holding a powerhouse hand?

Dragging in a big pot full of chips is incredibly satisfying to our egos. 

Money you save by not calling a bet with a weak hand spends just as well as that extra bet you garnered through your impressive offensive display.

In a Hold’em game, you’re in the blind about six hands per hour and some of your blinds will be raised.

The same thing holds true if you make weak calls when the flop neither hits your hand nor provides a draw to a flush or a straight.

Saving a bet is neither dramatic, nor ego satisfying, nor likely to rouse the envy of your peers and adversaries, but its spendable cash. 

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